Reworking Your Social Media Strategy? Check Out These 66 Stats (Infographic)

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SM Strategy Infographic Post Header ImageRethinking your angle? Before you revamp your social media strategy from the ground up, learn a little about the ground you’re standing on. Everyone knows that the social media landscape has undergone tremendous transformations over the last couple of years; but many SM marketers may be surprised by the incredible scale on which these transformations have taken place.

66 Stats to Inform Your Social Media Strategy

A new infographic from Digital Insights pulls together 66 up-to-date social media statistics that are relevant for Summer 2014 (and beyond). Taken on their own, these social media stats may be kind of dry and hard to work with. But if you spend a few minutes soaking it all in, these facts begin to paint a much bigger picture. After you read through this infographic, I’d love to hear (in the comments section below) what stood out to you most.

2014 Facebook Stats – Highlights

  • Facebook has 1.28 billion monthly active users.
  • “72% of online adults visit Facebook at least once a month.”
  • “The most common reason to unlike a Facebook page is uninteresting posts.”
  • 75% of post engagement occurs within the first 5 hours.

2014 Google+ Stats – Highlights

  • Google+ has more than 1.6 billion users, including 540 million monthly active users, which means… though you may not have to use it… you would be foolish if you didn’t at least entertain the possibility of using Google+.
  • “53% of interaction between a Google+ user and Brand is positive.”

2014 Twitter Stats – Highlights

  • Twitter has more than a billion users and 255 million monthly active users. But…
  • 44% of users have never sent a Tweet.
  • Also, “391 million Twitter accounts have no followers.” Ouch.

2014 Instagram Stats – Highlights

  • “23% of teens consider Instagram as their favorite social network.”
  • 50 million users signed up in the last six months.

2014 LinkedIn Stats – Highlights

  • There are more than 300 million total users on LinkedIn
  • Plus, the platform reaches more than 200 countries and territories.

2014 Pinterest Stats – Highlights

  • Pinterest has more than 70 million users, and well over half of those are active monthly.
  • “80% of Pinterest users are female.”

2014 Vine Stats – Highlights

  • Vine has 40 million total users.
  • “Vine has changed the way marketing teams look at video.” This platform could be a part of your social media strategy.
  •  “5 Vines are tweets every second.”

2014 Snapchat Stats – Highlights

  • This platform has 60+ million users, half of whom are active on a monthly basis.
  • 400 million Snapchats are sent per day.
  • “50% of Norway smartphone users use Snapchat.”

2014 YouTube Stats – Highlights

  • 1+ billion total users.
  • 80% of traffic is outside the U.S.
  • “40% of YouTube traffic comes from mobile.”

2014 Blog Stats – Highlights 

  • “77% of internet users read blogs.”
  • “Companies with a blog have 97% more inbound links than others.”

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