Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 4.06.55 PMClient Needs: Create and manage a social media marketing and advertising strategy for the community of Westhaven.

Buzzplant Solution: The goal of this overall campaign is to increase awareness of the Westhaven community for individuals, families, and real estate professionals. Buzzplant put together an entire social media marketing strategy for Westhaven, based on the various targeted demographics, in addition to executing it. The social media marketing strategy includes the following:

  • Social media daily postings, including 4 different Facebook pages, Twitter and Pinterest accounts
  • Developing and executing various social media contests
  • Developing and executing all advertising campaigns
  • Currently manage the main Facebook page which has brought fans from 326 to 1110 fans so far.
  • Currently managing Golf Facebook page which has brought fans from 435 to 626 fans so far.
  • Currently managing the main Twitter feed which brought followers from 131 to 722