My Pro Scout

Client Needs:

My Pro Scout needed a subscription based website and mobile app for student athletes to receive skill evaluations from current and retired professional athletes and scouts. In addition, it needed the ability for college scouts/recruiters to be able to browse through the profiles of the athletes. 

Buzzplant Solution:

BuzzPlant created a custom built, multi-tier website and a mobile app for My Pro Scout.

  • Website (
    • Design
    • Layout
    • Functionality
    • 4 separate logins: Student Athlete, Scout/Evaluator, Recruiters/Schools, Admin
    • Feedback on copy
  • Student Athlete Login:
    • Submit game film for evaluation by professional athletes/scouts (paid option)
    • Add weekly stats from their latest game
    • Create profile
    • Upload game film
  • Scout/Evaluator Login:
    • Evaluate game film submitted by athletes in their specific skill area/position
    • Search all current recruits
  • Recruiter/School Login:
    • Advanced search of evaluated recruits by many factors, including position, graduation year and evaluated level
    • “Pinboard” depth-chart of athletes they are interested in
    • Browse student-athlete profiles and public evaluations
    • Access information on how to contact the student or coach
  • College:
    • Add/remove coaches/recruiters
    • View the athletes these recruiters have “pinned” to their depth chart
  • Admin:
    • Ability to access and edit all profiles
    • Ability to review all evaluations
    • Track the number of evaluations performed by each scout for payment
    • Change wording, features, etc on the website
  • Mobile App
    • Cross-platform (iOS and Android)
    • Duplicated site functionality
    • Optimized player stats for mobile
    • Optimized scout evaluations for mobile