D1 Sports Training


Client Needs:

Create and manage a social media marketing strategy.

Buzzplant Solution:

The goal of this overall campaign is to increase awareness of the D1 facilities nation-wide and to engage the community.

Buzzplant put together an entire social media marketing strategy for D1, based on the various targeted demographics, in addition to executing it. The social media marketing strategy includes the following:

  • Social media daily postings: including 20+ different Facebook pages for facilities and 20+ Twitter accounts.  Started work on their main page with 15,349 “likes” and am currently at 16,890 and still growing. Twitter sits at 14.4k currently, where we began at just over 10k.
  • Developing and executing various social media contests
  • Consulting on advertising campaigns
  • Created blog content
  • Cross-promote D1 with third party brands
  • Consulting on promotions to increase sales