Blue Like Jazz:
The Movie


Client Needs: Create a social media strategy and street team for movie adaptation of the New York Times bestseller by Donald Miller.

BuzzPlant Solution: BuzzPlant developed an online marketing strategy that fit the tone and voice of the movie’s message and audience. The goal was to drive ticket sales in national markets and create awareness of the film’s theatrical then DVD release. BuzzPlant also built a custom street team called “Civil Disobedience,” which received over 1000 sign ups in the first 48 hours of the website going live.


  • Campaign started with 14,503 and is currently sitting at 69k+
  • Facebook ads increased and drove traffic to the page, targeting fans of the cast and author/book.
  • Using quotes from the movie/screen play and books to drive engagement and conversation around topics of the movie.
  • Custom facebook tabs that have highlighted ways to increase traffic, street team and to get current fans to help spread the word and “Take Action”
  • Posted film reviews, interviews and drove ticket sales


  • Posting relevant content to followers while increasing the fan base

Below is a chart that showed the Facebook growth of the Blue Like Jazz movie page the week of the movie release.



  • Custom built street team website and content management system.
  • Recruited over 1,500 members (1,287 who completed registration).
  • Members submitted over 6,700 reports.
  • Communicated with Civil Disobedience members multiple times weekly with news, updates, and special assignments.
  • 173 Covert Operations reports (above and beyond tasks that involve things like street chalk, dressing up as characters, hanging up excerpts from the book, etc).
  • Grand Prize winner earned 94,600 points.
  • Recruited volunteers for over 40 Blue Like Jazz movie events across the country.
  • Sent 1300 packages of promotion materials to street team members.