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“Civil Disobedience” Street Team Doubles Expectations with over 1000 sign up’s in 48 hours Nashville, TN. March 13, 2012 – One of the largest crowd-sourced creative projects in American history thanks to a fan-generated Kickstarter campaign, BLUE LIKE JAZZ will hit theaters on April 13, 2012.   The grassroots support that helped get the film made is now proving to build momentum for the film’s release through the “Civil Disobedience” street team,... View Article

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Nashville’s Belmont University has been a leader in recognizing the important role social media plays in business, with the Massey Graduate School of Business currently offering the first local MBA course in social media taught by local business owner, Bob Hutchins. In addition to the new course, Mark Schenkel, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Belmont, will be hosting an upcoming panel entitled “It’s Personal: Using Social Media to Engage with... View Article

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FRANKLIN — Bob Hutchins is turning to Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets to get the word out about old-school journalism. The owner of Buzzplant, a digital marketing agency that has been in Franklin for 10 years, is in charge of marketing for a new movie, Deadline, starring Steve Talley and Eric Roberts. The online campaign for the fictional story about investigative newspaper reporters working to uncover the identity... View Article

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By Sarah Hamilton with Business 2 Community I recently attended a social networking panel discussion at Belmont University. Sharing their opinions and expertise on social media were panelists Gerry Gorman, CIO of Cat Financial; Bob Hutchins, CEO of BuzzPlant; Clint Smith, CEO of EMMA; and Christi McNeil of the Social and Emerging Media team at Southwest Airlines. While some panelists took a more conservative approach to social networking than others... View Article

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We all worry about spoiler alerts while surfing the web or mobile devices before we’ve watched our favorite television shows, right? But lately, there’s been a lot of online chatter about a positive connection between our favorite TV shows and the online/social media world. Being avid TV watchers, ourselves, and with BuzzPlant actively participating in several movie/TV projects, we’ve had no choice but to keep our eye on the latest... View Article

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As a culture we have become distracted by information sources, queries, and commercial suitors that have little or no personal connections with us. The more information we are confronted with the more faceless and impersonal most of our daily lives seem. Apart from any value judgment about this state of things, it is revealing that a very human movement like social media would react to it and reclaim a little... View Article

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The recommendation age is a social phenomenon that is changing how we live. It’s a revolution going on right now influencing how we work, how we choose goods and services, how we interact in social, family, and professional relationships and with community leaders and organizations.

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Franklin, Tenn.— For over ten years, Mercy Children’s Clinic has created many opportunities for the community to support their mission of providing quality pediatric care to lower income families in surrounding Franklin areas. When it came to creating the next event, the intentions of the Development team were so heartfelt, but the design communication ideas were at a stand still. Buzzplant, a national award winning online marketing agency, stepped up... View Article

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Local Business CEO & Author Bob Hutchins to Teach Spring 2012 Course Nashville, Tenn.—For the last twenty-five years, the Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business at Belmont University has been an avenue for practicing professionals to develop the tools and strategies necessary to advance to the next levels in their chosen careers. Acquiring an advanced business degree through coursework that is practical, ethical, and entrepreneurial has facilitated the professional... View Article

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“Did you get a Facebook request from Grandma?” Yes. I really was asked that question by multiple members of my family a couple weeks ago.  My grandma now has Facebook. The growth and popularity of Facebook never ceases to amaze me.  I remember when not that long ago, I wasn’t able to get a Facebook account because I didn’t have my “.edu” email address anymore.  Fast forward just a few... View Article