6 Reasons Why You Need Micro-Influencers (And How to Find Them)

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Influencer marketing is hot right now.

And the strategic use of micro-influencers is the trend’s epicenter.

As we reported earlier this month, many brands are getting a return of $7.65 on every dollar they spend on influencer marketing. In many cases, those numbers are generated by micro-influencers (non-“celebrity” accounts who have their own dedicated, niche audiences that range from several hundred followers to 100,000 followers – learn more).

Why Partner With Micro-Influencers?

When compared to major celebrity accounts, micro-influencers:

  • Have more relevant and engaged audiences
  • Have more intimate connection between the influencer and audience
  • Are more likely to engage with their audience beyond the initial post

Furthermore, these niche micro-influencers are more trusted by teens than major celebrities. Last month we reported on the role of micro-influencers in the following product categories…. 

Beauty Products

  • 48% of teens trust online celebrities.
  • Only 44% trust mainstream celebrities. 

Clothing & Accessories

  • 41% of teens trust online celebrities.
  • While slightly more (43%) trust mainstream celebrities.

 Tech Gadgets

  • 70% of teens trust online celebrities.
  • Only 21% trust mainstream celebrities.

6 Reasons Why You Should Find Micro-Influencers

A new infographic from Shane Barker clearly outlines six reasons why brands should add micro-influencers to their social media strategies. We’ve reposted the full infographic below. Let’s take a look at a few of the highlights…

#1 Micro-Influencers Are More Relevant

Micro-influencers already have the niche audiences. So instead of delivering your message to a wide audience… or making your best guess at a targeted audience… why not just tap into a known audience?

#2 Micro-Influencers Are Cost Effective

Don’t misunderstand – micro-influencers aren’t a “cheap” solution. However, pricing can be lower than other digital ad products, and the ROI can be much higher if you have the right partnership.

#3 Micro-Influencers Help Establish Trust

Did you know that 92% of consumers consider micro-influencers to be more believable and credible? Or that 82% of consumers are highly likely to trust a micro-influencer’s recommendation? Trust is everything in marketing and social. (And micro-influencers have earned it!)

#4 Micro-Influencers Generate Better Engagement

Micro-influencers tend to be great at engaging their audiences. Also, because they have smaller, niche audiences, they usually have awesome engagement rates.

#5 Micro-Influencers Know How to Communicate

92% of consumers say micro-influencers are better at explaining how a product works, or how it can be used, reports the infographic. Many brands are so in the weeds with their own product that they can’t step back, remove themselves, and see with fresh eyes from a consumer’s perspective. Micro-influencers are great at gaining the big picture view and telling the brand story you might not see!

#6 Micro-Influencers Boost Conversions

Lastly, micro-influencers boost conversions. In fact, they’ve been known to help brands increase sales by 300%!

View the Micro-Influencer Infographic

For more insights, check out the full micro-influencer infographic below. Do you use micro-influencers in your social strategy? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments below.

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