September 30, 2015 9:00 am | Published by

Digital content producers would like you to believe the TV industry is scared. While subscription-rates are dropping dramatically among Millennials (see below), traditional cable TV won’t be disappearing anytime soon. “56% of the TV and film viewing by Millennials aged 14-24 is on computer, smartphone, tablet, or a gaming device — only 44% is via TV.” (Forbes) “Traditional TV usage [fell] among viewers age 18-34 at twice the normal rate in... View Article

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Great content creators know how to mix visual and story. If you’re playing catch-up with social media and want to get up to speed quickly on visual storytelling, then this new infographic is a must-read. We’ve shared the infographic in its entirety at the bottom of this post. Here are the essential highlights… Visual Storytelling: Essential Knowledge People retain 80% of what they see – compared to just 20% of... View Article

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Demographics are a facet of marketing where art and science come together. Get the right mixture, and you can get the perfect message in front of the ideal audience for your brand. A new infographic from Accenture Interactive’s Acquity Group (via Adweek)  sheds light onto what makes for successful demographic segmentation in social media marketing. Motivation to Try a New Product or Service Wondering what platform motivates your audience to... View Article

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One hundred years ago, if you wanted to sell something, you had to build a store. People could walk into the store, see the product, and if they wanted to buy, they could buy. With the development of direct mail and toll-free numbers, you could forget the store. Just have a phone and a garage or warehouse. With the development of the internet, you could forget the phone and the... View Article

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2016 is just around the corner, which has us thinking about our top priorities in the digital space (for both ourselves and our clients). While we won’t go as far as to say these are our predictions for 2016, these are areas we currently envision ourselves honing in on next year… #1 Two Words: Native. Video. The phrase “social media network” will soon be dated (if it isn’t already) as... View Article

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Marketing is a fluid landscape. Marketers must constantly adapt to stay current. (Tweet) And we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s what keeps the work fresh and exciting. Best practices change, strategies are re-evaluated, and the tools of the trade are constantly modified. 2015 has brought many changes to the world of digital marketing. MDG Advertising has highlighted five major social media trends in their “State of the Internet... View Article

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Content partnerships and influencer marketing are the hot new things in advertising. The philosophy behind the approach is quite simple. Brands hire content creators (read: typically young, established, well-loved, and affordable) to deliver their messages for them. This approach has been a hit with Millennials especially, who find an “influencer’s” opinion to be more trustworthy and authentic than “official” brand messaging. According to a study we shared in May, “92%... View Article

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Fifteen years ago, you could brake at a red light, look to your right and to your left, and see nothing but busy moms and dead-eyed commuters, heads tipping back for a moment of rest or fingers adjusting the radio dials. Not anymore. In 2015, you’ll see the drivers on your right and left quickly tapping out a text or refreshing an email inbox before the light turns green. We’re... View Article