July 29, 2015 9:00 am | Published by

If you have a burning question for a company, don’t go to Twitter. Go to Facebook, where odds are three out of four you get your question answered. New Q2 2015 data on social media responsiveness (via Socialbakers) goes deep into the inner-workings of customer satisfaction and brands’ capacity for responding on social media. Social Media Responsiveness on Facebook & Twitter Brands on Facebook hit a new milestone this quarter.... View Article

July 27, 2015 4:40 pm | Published by

Casey Neistat is 34 years old. Which means he was 25 years old when Facebook broke out on college campuses around the U.S. Not that he ever went to college. Casey dropped out of school at age 15, moved into a trailer park at age 17, and then packed up again for New York City where he worked as a dishwasher at age 20. So far, there’s no reason to... View Article

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Every generation makes the same argument: “Today’s technology isolates us from the people and world around us.” Today’s grandparents don’t like seeing their grandkids on iPads. Before iPads, our culture lamented how email would kill off the personal snail mail letter. Before email, TV was the culprit that stole family time. And before TV, many households found radio – with advertisements! – to be an intrusion into personal home life.... View Article

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The new Adobe Digital Index Social Intelligence Report (Q2 2015) is now available. You can read all 19 pages here… or hit the highlights with us in this blog post. Adobe identified social media trends in three essential categories: Paid Social Facebook ad impressions fell by half, but their click-through rates doubled. 51% of those surveyed prefer Facebook ads to YouTube ads (17%) as providing “genuine interest.” Organic Social Interaction... View Article

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You know that your brand needs content. But how do you create something more than a status update or sales-y pitch? We’ve got 42 ideas to help you start publishing meaningful, engaging, and – most importantly – human content to your brand’s social channels. Before we get started, a quick reminder… The spirit of your content will be more important than the content itself. Just as “The medium is the... View Article

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This past week at Kinekt, nearing the close of the conference, my friend Josh Collins made a great point from the stage. “Why do we like and share on Facebook?” he asked. “It’s because we want to say ‘me too’.” “Me too.” That’s a powerful phrase – a phrase that encompasses empathy, identity, and connection. It’s at the core of what it means to be human. Me too. It only takes... View Article

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…Should Be Using It! Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform in the United States. In 2014, its user base grew 60%, bringing numbers up to 64.2 million. As to why you should be using Instagram… well, 26% of U.S. adults are on the platform, according to Search Engine Journal. Furthermore… More than half of internet-using young adults (ages 18-29) use Instagram. Half of all Instagram users are on... View Article

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Everything old is new again. But before you dust off your Atari and add those twinkling stars back into your website’s background… let’s set the facts straight. The “old” in this case is the GIF, a 1987 file-format that stands for “Graphics Interchange Format.” And the “new” we’re referring to is platforms like Vine, Tumblr, Giphy, and Instagram. What are GIFs? GIFs are image files that can be used almost... View Article

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Communications theorist Marshall McLuhan famously said, “The medium is the message.” That was 1964. Today we have thousands more mediums (to say nothing of the number of messages competing for our attention). But McLuhan’s koan is truer today than ever before. The channels a brand chooses and the types of content they decide to create and share says a lot about the message (before we even see it). The Medium... View Article