February 26, 2015 9:00 am | Published by

For many dreamers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and “big picture” types, acronyms like SEO and SERP are enough to make the eyes glaze over. Still, there’s no denying that a baseline knowledge of how Google evaluates, qualifies, and displays content is essential for anyone trying to build a brand online. A new infographic from Marketing Signals outlines a brief history of Google’s two major recent updates, Panda and Penguin. (If you really... View Article

February 24, 2015 11:55 am | Published by

When it comes to customer service on social media, there are brands that get it… and those that don’t. The brands that truly excel in social media customer service know that response time is everything. But just how fast is “fast?” And what happens when a customer isn’t satisfied by your response? A new infographic from West Interactive addresses the top three problems with social media customer service. This is... View Article

February 18, 2015 5:09 pm | Published by

If you love “brand-watching,” then this won’t surprise you. We’ve all sensed it on the horizon… and now it’s happened. Instagram usage has officially overtaken Facebook usage in the U.K., reports Adweek’s Social Times: “According to data from GlobalWebIndex, Facebook usage in the U.K. is down 7 percent over the past 12 months, while Instagram has seen an 18 percent rise in active users over the same time period.” Looking... View Article

February 16, 2015 1:29 pm | Published by

Last October, Snapchat created a door for advertisers. Now, just a few months later, that door is slowly starting to open through the new Snapchat Discover platform. The developers describe the platform on their blog, writing, “Snapchat Discover is a new way to explore Stories from different editorial teams. It’s the result of collaboration with world-class leaders in media to build a storytelling format that puts the narrative first. This... View Article

February 11, 2015 9:00 am | Published by

We once asked on the BuzzPlant blog, “Does the perfect Tweet really exist?” A year-and-a-half later… we’re still working on that one. In our search, we came up with some proven Twitter techniques, a few best practices, three outstanding examples, and some perfectly Tweetable words of wisdom. But now… we’ve got data to back us up. 12 Statistics To Improve Your Conversions on Twitter This recent infographic from HubSpot pulls... View Article

February 9, 2015 1:16 pm | Published by

When Fast Company asked 36 social media experts for their bite-sized philosophies on social media theory, answers ran the gamut, from the snarky and facetious to the downright serious. Take all of these tidbits on social media strategy, snowball them into a palatable infographic (via Infografías), and add a grain of salt. The finished product is below. (By the way, I’d love to know what social media theory you would... View Article

February 4, 2015 9:00 am | Published by

Social media marketing is past the point of being a buzz-phrase. It’s an industry. But, in many ways, selling through social media isn’t taken as seriously – or viewed as critically – as other sales and marketing tactics. In fact, the disparity between the proficiency and power of a (good) social media marketing team and that team’s “rank” in a company’s marketing arsenal can be baffling at times. On the... View Article

February 2, 2015 12:57 pm | Published by

You may have heard it before: the amount of data in the world doubles every 40 months. Doubles. From Twitter posts to medical records, the mountain of big data we live with in 2015 knows no bounds. While this growing mass has many social and economic implications, marketers are using big data to generate more sales… with less time spent selling. Smart use of big data allows us to precisely... View Article