April 30, 2014 9:00 am | Published by

At BuzzPlant, one of the ways we help our clients communicate with their audience is by creating content that’s real. Content that simply rings true. It has that special little touch – one you can’t quite put your finger on. But you know it when you see it. The secret ingredient? Authenticity. “Authenticity” isn’t just a charming concept or moral value. We believe that having authentic social media, print, and... View Article

April 28, 2014 8:30 pm | Published by

Remember that famous scene in Spiderman where Uncle Ben tells Peter Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility?” (Voltaire, Jesus, and FDR all have similar quotes, too.) Social media marketing is a very powerful tool, and unfortunately many businesses and organizations have no idea just how to handle the tremendous responsibility that’s dealt them by their own Twitter and Facebook handles. Just ask the New York Police Department… The Short... View Article

April 23, 2014 9:00 am | Published by

I love the image at the top of this post. Without using any words, it really tells the whole story, doesn’t it? Rapid change. Connectivity. It’s all there. The people who appear in the 2005 photo are essentially the same as those who appear below in 2013: both groups have the desire to connect and to share. The only difference is that the second group has the tools to do... View Article

April 21, 2014 4:38 pm | Published by

If you’re a social media nerd, you might remember that Twitter wasn’t doing so hot at the end of 2013 – by Twitter standards, at least. Well, new research coming out of Consumer Sharing Trends Report 2014 reveals that Twitter’s back and stronger than ever. And what social channel saw the second most dynamic growth, you ask? Reddit. Reddit? Yep. Not Facebook. Not LinkedIn. Not Pinterest. And definitely not email... View Article

April 16, 2014 9:00 am | Published by

There is one, let me repeat one, social networking site where women are not the top users (LinkedIn). Otherwise, women are the dominating group on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Quite simply, women are the predominant social media influencers, responsible for more log-ins, brand interaction, commenting, supporting, and consuming. I’ll be blunt: if your product/service isn’t reaching women through social media, then you’ve got a problem. A recent infographic... View Article

April 14, 2014 9:00 am | Published by

A couple weekends ago, 2,000 of the best minds in social media strategy gathered in San Diego, California, for Social Media Marketing World 2014: Brian Clark, Jay Baer, Joe Pulizzi, Chris Brogan, Amy Porterfield… Well, you get the idea. While BuzzPlant couldn’t attend, we kept tabs on the event from the other side of the country – right here in Franklin, Tennessee. After reading through all the coverage, here are... View Article

April 11, 2014 2:40 pm | Published by

Whether you love or hate Russell Crowe’s new Biblically-inspired blockbuster, Noah, there’s no denying that social media marketing has played a significant role in powering it to the top of the box office charts. Variety broke down the numbers for us, showing just how well Noah has fared on the choppy waters of social media: Not bad, right? It would be a bit naïve – well, downright insulting to some... View Article

April 8, 2014 2:42 pm | Published by

C.S. Lewis is famous for wearing quite a few hats in his time: novelist, teacher, critic, and apologist – to name just a few. “Social media marketing expert” was most definitely not one of those titles. (In truth, Lewis wasn’t that keen on technology on the whole.) But, great minds like Lewis and Tolkien have a way of speaking universal truths that even apply to fields they couldn’t have dreamed... View Article