August 30, 2013 3:55 pm | Published by

Starbucks had #SpreadtheCheer. Blackberry had #BeBold. Quantas (Australia’s largest airline) had #QuantasLuxury. And, worst of all, McDonald’s had #McDStories. You can imagine the downward tailspin that one took. Now, there’s nothing wrong with cooking up some creative approaches to social media. In fact, you should have a social media strategy that sticks out. But the out-of-control stories behind the above hashtags suggest that social media can cross a line… from... View Article

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The internet is full of characters, but few grate on people’s nerves more than the Obnoxious Internet Marketing Guy. You know the type. Their Twitter feed is a constant stream of “ME.” Every comment they’ve ever left on a blog post links back to their own product or service. You can almost feel the palm grease oozing out of their DM’s. You don’t want to be that guy. But you... View Article

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Farms, ice cream, computers, ideas, independent films and blockbusters… what do they have in common? They can all be crowdsourced and crowdfunded. A few weeks ago, I covered seven diverse crowdsourcing campaigns with the hope of dispelling the false belief that crowdsourcing/-funding is only for non-profits. In reality, a smart crowdfunding strategy can be applied to virtually any endeavor, though few creatives have more opportunity for crowdfunding campaign success than... View Article

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According to YouTube’s Statistics page: 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any other cable network. YouTube has more than 1 billion unique users visit each month. When I see these statistics, I have two primary thoughts related to film marketing. One, what a great place to market your movie and push your film trailer. Two, how easy it... View Article

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These days, “user-generated content” is an aspect of virtually every marketing campaign – whether it’s done intentionally or not. The fact is, if you have a movie/product/campaign worth talking about, people are going to talk. And they’re going to create their own content. So, why not harness that content? Why not direct the conversation in a way that builds hype and anticipation around your film? Check out these three ways... View Article

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The other day I was browsing around on a certain company’s website when I noticed at the very bottom, next to the business’s address and privacy policy, there were no fewer than nine social icons. Nine! Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest? Check. Check. Check. YouTube? LinkedIn? They made an appearance, too. Yelp? Yelp?! Got it covered. Plus, there were three additional icons related to this particular business’s mobile app. It begs... View Article

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“Movie marketing’s secret weapon.” Sounds like a sales scam, doesn’t it? While a Vine trailer may not be a one-size-fits-all approach, many film producers are trying to leverage it as a cost-effective solution for building hype and driving audiences to the theater. But Vine isn’t the only platform for a blitzkrieg presentation of your film. Instagram has thrown its new video capabilities into the ring, too. Wolverine & Vine Vine... View Article

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Consider these facts: There are more iPhones sold per second than babies born. (Source) Mobile Internet use is projected to increase 66% each year for the next five years. (Source) Smartphones accounted for half of all mobile phones sold. Last year. (Source) We hear that mobile is “on the rise,” but I think we’d be better off saying… mobile is exploding! As we enter into this tremendous growth period, what... View Article

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What makes a great movie advertising campaign? Does it have to be plastered throughout every medium in both the digital and traditional fields? Should it hone in on a target audience, pushing a single platform in a totally new way? Some of both? A third option? As film marketing strategists, these are the questions we’re constantly asking here at BuzzPlant. And you know what we’ve found? There’s no single, one-size-fits-all... View Article

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Have you ever seen a film with such a fascinating story that you wished – if only for a moment – that you could live inside its world? Of course you have. It’s a universal experience; it’s one of the many reasons that we watch our favorite movies over and over and over. It’s this human desire to get closer to the story that makes “behind the scenes” features so... View Article