August 31, 2012 5:22 pm | Published by

In Western culture, we are constantly surrounded by technology and social media. While there are people who have managed to avoid it, most people communicate with others via some sort of electronic communication… cell phones, texting, Facebook, twitter, email, and the list continues. It helps us feel connected to more people, but it also disrupts and distracts from the time we spend with others in person. Have you ever hung... View Article

August 20, 2012 2:13 am | Published by

That’s right. You read that correctly. In my house, my husband and toddler somehow got the better end of the stick and have the first and third generation iPads. Even though I dabble a bit in downloading apps for my child and occasionally surf the web on it, my son knows how to use the device way, way better than I do. I generally stick to my iPhone and good... View Article

August 1, 2012 3:28 am | Published by

“Religion isn’t a word often associated with technology — but it should be. Communication between religious organizations and their followers has blossomed on social media. Many churches have turned to social networks to increase their outreach to spread their teachings.” Read the full article from Mashable, here!