The 12 Most Important Social Media Infographics of 2014

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12 InfographicsA great infographic does one thing (at least): it takes raw data, and transforms it into something meaningful. This year, I’ve been scouring the web regularly for great social media infographics. (Setup your own Google News alert for “social media infographics.”) Below are 12 of the most important social media infographics I’ve come across so far in 2014. I’ve included a link to each infographic, as well as an actionable “take-away” from each ‘graphic that you can apply to your own social media strategy.

#1 Social Media 2013 Facts

This infographic from Digital Insights was our first post of 2014 on the BuzzPlant Blog because it included so much raw information and insight about what happened last year in the world of social media. The takeaway? 751 million users access Facebook from mobile with 7,000 different devices.

#2 What People Share on Social Networks

This post did a wonderful job of illustrating what people like to do on social networks. Of course, if you spend anytime at all thinking about social media strategy, you probably have a good idea of what’s hot and what’s not. Nevertheless, you might be surprised by some activities. The takeaway? Pictures are the most popular type of content to share, accounting for 43% of all shares.

#3 The Secret Formula for the Perfect Viral Share

Too good to be true? Well, maybe. While this infographic doesn’t quite live up to its name all the way, it does pull in key data on how the emotions a post is intended to induce can influence the post’s popularity. The takeaway? Posts that “Awe” get more shares than any others.

#4 Social Media 2014 Statistics

If you like statistics, this one’s for you. In-depth breakdowns of the All Star social networks, as well as hot rookies like Vine and Snapchat. The takeaway? Did you know there are 400 million Snapchat snaps per day?

#5 Social Media Parenting

As a social media consultant and parent of three, this infographic grabbed my attention. Whether you’re a parent or just interested in how kids are using the social networks, I highly recommend giving this one a read. The takeaway? “Approximately half of the parents believe their children know more about the internet than they do.”

#6 Why the Smartest Brands Race to Respond to Consumers on Social

In this day and age, speed is everything. But most brands aren’t keeping up. The takeaway? 4/5 companies think they provide superior customer service on social media. 92% of consumers disagree.

#7 How Social Media Contests Influence Consumers

If you think social media contests aren’t necessary because your brand gets “organic exposure,” this infographic might give you reason to think again. The takeaway? The typical social media contest entrant is a 30-something with a full time job.

#8 Why You’re Still Bored

Social media and internet use is exploding. But the majority of users are either fed up with their network’s behavior… or bored. This infographic looks into the reasons why. The takeaway? The average social network user receives 285 pieces of content per day.

#9 Twitter Strikes Back

Twitter growth outpaced all other social channels in growth during the first quarter of 2014. The takeaway? While Twitter’s hot, the dark horse of Q1 is actually Reddit.

#10 Why Women Rule U.S. Social Media

I love demographics. So, an infographic like this one is fascinating to me. Women outnumber men on every network but one. Can you guess which one it is? See the infographic for more. The takeaway? Women are leading the trend in mobile use for social media.

#11 Facebook Turns 10

If you want to get the big picture of Facebook – including a year-by-year timeline – this infographic’s for you. The takeaway? Mobile advertising consumption increased around 53% in 2013.

#12 Consumer Sharing Trends Report

The last infographic I’ll leave you with is this one from ShareThis. Great information with a lot of regional breakdown. The takeaway? Users in the Northeast share more than those in any other region of the U.S.

What’s Your “Must-Read” Infographic?

Share it here in the comments section. What takeaway did you find most helpful for building your social media strategy?

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